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The theme with bling

A luxury everyone can afford

Why should you browse the web like an average player? Express your wealth and importance by customising Firefox in a garish, extravagant way. You don’t have to be a baller: PimpZilla is completely free! Elevate your game and become a true internet-player. Browsin’ ain’t easy, but PimpZilla has just made it a little easier.

PimZilla suite

The most luxurious theme ever

PimpZilla is probably the most tacky & overdone piece of GUI design out there, aimed solely for true connaisseurs. It's inspired on the cadillac love rides, as seen in old blaxploitation movies. PimpZilla represents the luxurious, furcoated dashboards of seventies pimpmobiles. You could also think of this theme as a high-fashion web accessoire. the Gucci or Versace of webbrosing! If you fancy sexy fur and bling, you'll love this theme.

Beta PimpZilla 5 (with tabs op top!)

22 February 2012, 3:27 pm -

I decided that PimpZilla 5 is ready for a preview release.
This beta version of PimpZilla 5 is really intended for the true... Read more

Leopard skin tabbar

leopard skinIf you wanna be the mack, you will have browse with a flamboyant, flashy theme that will reflect your strong personality.

The texture of the tabbar couldn't therefore be any other than animal skin. The leopard skin tabbar will show people that you are one bad ... A force to be reckoned with!

Very good bad taste

fluffy dice

PimpZilla is very bad in a very good way. Its looks are without a doubt completely overdone, but it's also very usable.

Golden scrollbars

Show your colleagues and friends that you are loaded. What good is money in a bank? How can you flash with it and get all the girls? Gold is of REAL value: you can put it in your mouth, make faucets of it and wear it around your neck. Obvious that gold is used for theming the scrollbars.